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Online Ads, The Elephant In The Room

March 21, 2014

Google made $50B in advertisement(Ad) revenue in 2013. Worth saying that again, FIFTY Billion. (Sure, when you compare that to the unbelievable doozy that FB made paying $19B for whatsapp, it doesn’t sounds like a lot.) I have clicked (voluntarily) on one single add in all my waking years,( It was a really tempting locally made cookie Ad) but I don’t consider myself the average user either.

Having faith in the law of averages, I ran the numbers. With about 2.4B active internet users in the world and an average CPC( Cost Per Click) of 30 cents, each user must have clicked on roughly 62 adds in a year. Hard to believe that those clicks are contributing towards making a purchase decision.

As our devices’ screens get smaller, voice technology gets better, user awareness increases and the average users tolerance to ridiculous add filled pages decreases, there has to be a sharp decline in the number of clicks.I am not suggesting that Ad revenue reliant companies like Google and Facebook are in trouble, I’m sure they will figure other solutions to make money.

In the meantime, however, I don’t understand why most people don’t get Adblock software on their browsers? It is available for free as add ons to your browsers and it is completely legal to do so - at least right now. Who wouldn’t want a clean Ad free experience? Sure, some people might actually find those Ads useful, but maybe we could all use a smaller dose of consumerism.

I’m sure that you are super cool and know to go on the interwebs to look for the Adblock plugin using the Googles, but this particular one deserves special mention if you are using Chrome, and if you are not using Chrome, START USING CHROME!

Gone will be the days you had to deal with ridiculous number of search engine ads or facebook ads. Twitter is sneaky with embedding ads within their tweets, but its just a matter of time that these Adblock software catch up.

Block on!

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