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Maui & the Big Island

May 21, 2018

We just spent a week in paradise and thought I’d note someplaces we enjoyed the most. If we didn’t absolutely love something about a place, it’s not on the list. Obviously these recommendations are heavily skewed towards what my wife and I like to do which mostly revolves around being outside as much as possible, eating good food and drinking good coffee & beer. We are both vegetarian and although Hawaii’s cuisine is fairly meat-centric, we were able to find some pretty amazing vegetarian options. Also, normally we’d hike a lot more, but I sprained my left ankle pretty bad on the first day on a hike and chanced my right foot with a sea urchin while surfing. There are probably many amazing hikes I’m not covering here.


Maui is the most well-rounded of all 4 islands and this place seemed to have something to do for everyone.

Things to do


If you decide to go to more than one island. Use Mokulele airlines. They only fly 10 seater commuter airplanes which means that you have hassle free boarding and arrival process and you get the best view of the islands during take-off and landing.

Big Island

It was like nothing else I had seen in my life and certainly not what I expected from an island in Hawaii. The Kona airport is surrounded with black lava with almost no vegetation or fauna. I later found that only a part of the island looked like that. There were parts of the island that were literally getting formed in front of our eyes. It’s hard not to contemplate our origins, evolution, our place in the universe and many un-mundane questions while exploring the big island at every turn in the road.

Things to do


Reach out if you think other places should be on this list. I don’t think this will be the last time we’ll visit these two islands. Wish you safe travels and good memories!

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